Welcome and thank you for your interest in the UMaineGOLD program.

The UMaineGOLD program is an intensive collaboration between academic departments, the Graduate School, and the Division of Lifelong Learning (DLL). Successful collaboration can lead to a rewarding experience for our students, faculty, and the university. Five principles guide the UMaineGOLD initiative:

  1. UMaine should provide leadership in the development and delivery of online graduate professional programs, as this is the largest growing segment of need for students seeking advanced degrees.
  2. UMaine must serve professional graduate students exceptionally well if it’s to be competitive.
  3. This initiative is collaborative. We work together to create success.
  4. This initiative is iterative; we will continue to refine our standards of excellence so that it reflects the state-of-the-art in online education.
  5. Departments who commit to high quality standards in online education and who invest the necessary time and resources will benefit from revenue sharing.

We’re seeking willing and able partners. To be successful in the UMaineGOLD program, academic departments must be in a position to commit the necessary time and resources. There are significant resources in DLL and the Graduate School to support academic programs. Detailed guidance re: resource commitments from each partner can be gleaned from the UMaineGOLD documents available on this website. As we become successful together, additional resources will be available to help us grow and enhance our programs.

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