Self-made Engineering Leaders of the Future (SELF) for High School Students

SELF Participants 2014

Self-made Engineers of the Future (SELF) June 25-28, 2023 Application

SELF Activities Slides

Connecting young rural girls  to STEM careers through research, mentoring and community service in forest bio-products

The  SELF Institute is a residential program for Maine’s rural  high  school  students. The three-and-a- half day  program will focus  on the  responsible use of forest  ecosystems as a building block for sustainable and  renewable energy. Students will explore  cutting-edge forest  bioproducts research at the  University of Maine  by participating in demonstrations, hands-on projects and  field trips. Participants will also have recreational activities at the  New  Balance  Student Recreation Center.

This program started as a partnership  between College of Engineering, Forest Bioproducts Research Institute, and University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H funded by the  National Institute of Food and  Agriculture (NIFA), USDA. Currently SELF is funded by the College of Engineering and Forest Bioproducts Research Institute (FBRI).

 Institute activities include

  • Demonstrations of physical principles and  properties of wood  and  wood  products
  •  Visiting University Forest to learn  about harvest methods and  systems, logging equipment and  costs
  • Observation and  work  on chemical and  physical processes in the  making of transportation fuels (ethanol, jet fuel) from woody  biomass and  estimate the cost  of manufacturing
  • Analysis of sustainability attitudes
  • Focus group on renewable energy in Maine

To qualify for the institute applicants must

  •  Be a high school student, preferably a sophomore from Maine
  • Have an interest in science and technology
  • Submit a report card
  • Submit an essay on why she wants to participate in the institute
  • Have at least one  letter of recommendation

For more information contact:

Phone: 207.581.2225