Gearing up for the 2024 total solar eclipse – video transcript

Speaker 1: It really is one of the most dramatic things you’ll see in all of nature. The sky will get dark, not dark as night, but twilight-y all around the horizon. You’ll see brighter stars and planets. The temperature will drop, the winds will die down. Birds and animals pay attention, it really is an eerie thing, and the first time most people experience it they do get a sense of why ancient people feared these things and thought they were, you know, the end of the world was happening.

Speaker 2: We’re going to be collecting data for the eclipse at 35 sites, so, but if everything goes well, if all the 35 sites get their data, we want to compile all of that data into about an hour-long movie so we get to see the the activity on sun that’s happening which we don’t get to see usually.

Speaker 3: The ballooning project is mainly to livestream a video of the moon shadow going across the Earth and you can really really only see that well from really high up in the air.

Speaker 1: I’m telling folks don’t stay in Bangor or Orono or Old Town or Veazie because you will only see a partial, and even if you’re at 99.9% it’s not the same as being inside that path of totality that’s the only time you’ll see that corona.