The University of Maine Freezer Program receives a discount of 15% off of all modifications and purifications of primer orders.

Download primer order form.

When filling out the form, please enter bases only in the sequence field- no numbers or punctuation.

There is no set-up fee, no desalting fee, and no shipping fee.

IDT website.

The scale and price per base are shown in the table below.

Scale # of Bases          Price Per Base         
25 nmole DNA oligo 15-60 bases $0.15
100 nmole DNA oligo 10-90 bases $0.35
250 nmole DNA oligo 5-100 bases $0.55
1 umole DNA oligo 5-100 bases $1.00
5 umole DNA oligo 5-60 bases inquire
10 umole DNA oligo 5-60 bases inquire

-Pricing updated on 2/4/21 (DDE)

Degenerate bases

Degenerate bases can be used in the primers, mixed at equimolar amount at no extra charge.

Please use the table below when using degenerate bases in your primer order and list all mixed base codes in capital letters.

Base in primer Mixed Bases
R A, g
Y C, T
M A, C
K g, T
S g, C
W A, T
H A, C, T
B g, T, C
V g, C, A
D g, A, T
N A, C, g, T