Down by the River’s Edge: A documentary film by Susan Gagnon

Join us at the Franco American Centre on

FRIDAY, November 22, 2013 at 2pm

 for a screening of


a documentary film by Susan Gagnon

gagnon_filmThe documentary features the beginning and end of the historic Otis Mill in Chisholm, Maine. Susan Gagnon weaves her family’s stories as a child living in a tenement building overlooking the Otis Mill, where all the men in her family worked.

The documentary includes family stories from retired papermakers from the 1890’s as they sought a better life for their families and made the long ocean voyage from Italy and Eastern Europe. Others left their family farms in the early 1850’s and walked from Quebec, Canada to Farmington, Maine first seeking work as seasonal farm laborers; decades later migrated to Chisholm to work in the paper industry.

These new immigrants worked and built the brick and mortar of a new community in the foothills of Maine.  They were met with cultural and language barriers; but their strength and common creed formulated the trinity of the region; the Otis Mill, the Androscoggin River that powered the paper mill and the St. Rose of Lima Church, where they practiced their Roman Catholic faith.

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