SFA Faculty Listing

Robert Bayer, Animal Science
Timothy Bowden, Aquaculture
Stephanie Burnett, Horticulture
Beth Calder, Food Science
Mary Ellen Camire, Food Science
Robert Causey, Animal Science
Susan Erich, Plant and Soil Chemistry
Eric Gallandt, Weed Ecology
Jianjun (Jay) Hao, Plant Pathology
Mark Hutton, Vegetable Crops
Pauline Kamath, Animal Health
Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, Clinical Nutrition
Anne Lichtenwalner, Animal Science
Ellen Mallory, Sustainable Agriculture
David Marcinkowski, Animal Science
Renae Moran, Pomology
Angela Myracle, Human Nutrition
Balu Nayak, Food Science
Tsutomu Ohno, Soil Chemistry
Brian Perkins, Food Science
Jennifer Perry, Food Microbiology
Bryan Peterson, Horticulture
Greg Porter, Crop Ecology
Juan Romero, Animal Nutrition
Marianne Sarrantonio, Sustainable Agriculture
Denise Skonberg, Food Science
Martin Stokes, Animal Science
Susan Sullivan, Human Nutrition
Mona Therrien, Human Nutrition
James Weber, Animal Science
Adrienne White, Human Nutrition
David Yarborough, Horticulture
Kate Yerxa, Human Nutrition

Adrienne A. White

Professor and Director of the Internship Program DirectorWhite

Degree: Ph.D. 1988, University of Tennessee
Phone: 207.581.3134
Email: awhite@maine.edu
Location: 113 Hitchner Hall

Professional Interests: Nutrition, behavior and the environment, interventions and theory-driven behavior change strategies across the life cycle

Teaching: FSN 650 Dietetic Internship Orientation and Applications I, FSN 651 Dietetic Internship Orientation and Applications II, FSN 652 Dietetic Internship Evaluation, FSN 681 Dietetic Supervised Practice

Research: Relationships between nutrition and behavior using theory-based models to understand food-related behavior and facilitate behavior change. Use of web-based technology to deliver nutrition interventions. Environmental supports on college campuses for healthful eating behavior. Family interventions for healthy weights in children. Research design using community-based participatory research approaches

Recent Publications:

Miller, A.; Franzen-Castle, L.; Aguirre, T.; Krehbiel, M.; Colby, S.; Kattelmann, K.; Olfert, M.D.; Mathews, D.; White, A. 2016. Food-related behavior and intake of adult main meal preparers of 9-10 year-old children participating in iCook 4-H: A five-state childhood obesity prevention pilot study. Appetite 101:163-170.

Quick, V.; Shoff, S.; Lohse, B.; White, A.; Horacek, T.; Greene, G.  2015.  Relationships of eating competence, sleep behaviors and quality, and overweight status among college students.  Eat. Behav. 19:15-19.

Sorenson, A.R.; Kattelmann, K.K.; Meendering, J.R.; Kabala, C.M.; Mathews, D.R.; Olfert, M.D.; Colby, S.E.; Franzen-Castle, L.; White, A.A. 2015. Assessment of physical activity in 9-to 10-year-old children participating in a family-centered intervention. Top. Clin. Nutr. 30:159-166.

Brown, O.; Quick, V.; Colby, S.; Greene, G.; Horacek, T.M.; Hoerr, S.; Koenings, M.; Kidd, T.;  Morrell, J.; Olfert, M.; Phillips, B.; Shelnutt, K.; White, A.; Kattelmann, K . 2015. Recruitment lessons learned from a tailored web-based health intervention Project Y.E.A.H. (Young Adults Eating and Active for Health). Health Ed. 115:470-479.

Quick, V.; Byrd-Bredbenner, C.; Shoff, S.; White, A.A.; Lohse, B.; Horacek, T.; Kattelmann, K.; Phillips, B.; Hoerr, S.L.; Greene, G. 2015.  Concordance of self-report and measured height and weight of college students. J. Nutr. Ed. Behav. 47:94-98.