Angela Myracle

Assistant Professor of Human NutritionMyracle

Degree: Ph. D. 2010, Purdue University
Phone: 207.581.1617
Location: 108 Rogers Hall

Professional Interests: Phytochemicals and health, bio-availability of plant bioactives, phytochemical composition differences between organic and conventional foods impact of phytochemicals on chronic disease and oxidative stress

Teaching: FSN 265 Functional Concepts in Nutrition, FSN 410 Human Nutrition and Metabolism, FSN 565 Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity and Food, FSN 571 Technical Presentations

Research: The focus of my lab is to better understand the health benefits from whole foods, especially those health benefits resulting from phytochemicals contained in fresh fruits and vegetables. Plant bioactives and their relationship to health and/or their beneficial impact on chronic diseases. Identifying functional food components that decrease oxidative stress, in vitro and in vivo. Bioavailability of phytochemicals. Nutrient quality of sustainable food systems.  Quantitative and qualitative phytochemical profiling of whole foods.  Phytochemical composition differences between organic foods and conventional foods. Phytonutrient content and product development with Elderberry, Aronia. Phytonutrient content of cold hardy plums.   Zebrafish model and nutrient interaction.

Recent Publications:

Madian, A.G.; Myracle, A.D.; Diaz-Maldonado, N.; Rochelle, N.S.; Janle, E.M.; Regnier,F.E. 2011. Differential carbonylation of proteins as a function of in vivo oxidative stress. J. Proteome Res. 10:3959-3972.

Madian, A.G.; Myracle, A.D.; Diaz-Maldonado, N.; Rochelle, N.S.; Janle, E.M.; Regnier, F.E. 2011. Determining the effects of the antioxidants on the oxidative stress induced carbonylation of proteins. Anal. Chem.  83:9328-9336.