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Minor: Sustainable Agriculture


Minimum number of credits required to earn minor: 21

GPA requirements to earn minor: None

Minimum Grade requirements for courses to count toward minor:  C- or higher is required for EES 140/141 and all PSE courses.

Contact Information: Mary Fernandez, Student Academic Services Coordinator, 201A Rogers Hall, 207-581-2938, fern@maine.edu

Residency Requirement:  The 15 credits of required courses must be taken at the University of Maine.

This minor provides students foundational introductory content related to plant and soil science, and an overview of modern agricultural production systems, focusing on environmental and economic sustainability.  Advanced coursework encourages more in depth study in selected areas of production and food systems.  

Please note:

  • Be sure to consider the prerequisites for the courses below when planning for this minor.  
  • The following courses are not acceptable course choices toward the minor for Environmental Horticulture majors:  PSE 403 and PSE 415. 
  • Some of the courses below may be offered in alternate years.  Be sure to check the course descriptions in the online Undergraduate Catalog.

Required Courses:

  • EES 140 – Soil Science Credits: 3
  • EES 141 – Soil Science Laboratory Credits: 1
  • PSE 100 – Plant Science Credits: 4
  • PSE 101 – Cropping Systems Credits: 3
  • PSE 105 – Principles of Sustainable Agriculture Credits: 3

Plus at least 7 credits from the following list:

  • PSE 203 – Weed Biology and Identification Credits: 3
  • PSE 216 – UMiane Greens Practicum Credits: 1-3
  • PSE 260 – Pesticide Applicator Certification Credits: 1
  • PSE 312 – Sustainable Food Systems: Challenges and Opportunities Credits: 3
  • PSE 320 – Soil Organic Matter Management Credits: 3
  • PSE 403 – Weed Ecology and Management Credits: 3
  • PSE 415 – Greenhouse Management Credits: 4
  • PSE 440 – Environmental Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrition Credits: 3