David Marcinkowski

Associate Professor of Animal and Veterinary Sciences  andMarckinkowski
Extension Dairy Specialist

Degree: Ph. D. 1982, The Ohio State University
Phone: 207.581.2740
Email: davidmar@maine.edu
Location: 132 Hitchner Hall

Website: Livestock site

Professional Interests: Dairy cattle

Teaching: AVS 346/347 Dairy Cattle Technology/Laboratory, AVS 371 University Dairy Cooperative,  AVS 466  Livestock Feeds and Feeding

Research: I do not have a formal research appointment, however my research interests include; evaluating the behavior dairy animals in dairy facilities and evaluating management changes on farm profitability.

Recent Publications:

Marston, S.P., Clark, G.W.; Anderson, G.W.; Kersbergen, R.J.; Lunak, M.; Marcinkowski, D.P.; Murphy, M.R.; Schwab, C.G.; Erickson, P.S. 2011. Maximizing profit on New England organic dairy farms: An economic comparison of 4 total mixed rations for organic Holsteins and Jerseys. J. of Dairy Sci. 94: 3184-3201.