Students in Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Horticulture Present Their Capstone Projects to Community Partners

All are invited to attend the senior capstone presentations on May 2 and 4, 3:30-4:45 pm, in 113 Deering Hall.

  1. Tuesday 5/2 –
    1. 3:30p – “Improving food gleaning partnerships between area restaurants & farms” presented to Kate Garland, ME Coop. Ext. (Cara, Anne, Chason, Jacob)
    2. 4:10p -“Greenhouse study of green beans planted in soils from 5 potato rotation treatments” presented to Dr. Bob Larkin, USDA, ARS (Michael, Merab, James, Sean)
  2. Thursday 5/4 –
    1. 3:30p – “Roger Clapp Greenhouse new composting system proposal” presented to Brad Libby, UMaine (Griffin, Dylan, Emily)
    2. 4:10p – “Old Town Elementary School (OTES) new vegi garden installed Sat. 4/29” presented to Renee St. Peter and other teachers from OTES (Gradeigh, Emma, Ben, Matt)