Northeast Folklore

Northeast Folklore was an academic journal and monograph series published between 1958 and 2015 by the Northeast Folklore Society and its successor, the Maine Folklife Center. Founded by University of Maine professor Edward “Sandy” Ives, the publication explored legends, lore, folklife, ethnography, oral history and life stories of Maine, New England and eastern Canada.

Originally the journal published collections of articles, including theme issues. Eventually it became a regular monograph (book) series. To see what kind of material Northeast Folklore published, here are descriptions of our publications from 1995 to 2015.

Unfortunately, publication of Northeast Folklore ceased in 2015 due to increased publishing costs and other factors. Many back issues are available for purchase through online booksellers and the University of Maine bookstore. Some early volumes are available digitally on the university’s Digital Commons website, including Volumes I-V from 1958-1963 and Volume VI: 1964 Malecite and Passamaquoddy Tales.

We are no longer able to handle requests for individual purchases of our back publications. For larger orders of single volumes, such as for textbook use, please contact us at folklife “at” with inquiries.