MF 108 Norman Soucie Photo Collection

Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History: MF 108 Norman Soucie Photo Collection

Number of accessions: 1
Dates when interviews were conducted: 1974
Time period covered: 1900 – 1930
Principal interviewers: Norman Soucie
Finding aides: none
Access restrictions: none
Description: NA2586 Norman Soucie photo collection, 1974, Allagash and St. John, Maine. Collection of 36 black and white photographs depicting woods work and woods life in the region of Allagash and Saint John, Maine, ca. 1900-1930. Images show men working in batteaux (boats) to free jammed logs and other aspects of river work; scenes of lumber operations along the river; woods scenes showing Lombard log hauler; pulpwood train; sleds; camp scenes; horses; sluiceways; log piles; log marks; sorting gap; river rapids; cribwork piers, etc. Photo: P00453 – P00487.