I am a Scientist Lesson Plan

What To Do

Watch one or more video about careers in science. Here are three suggestions to get you started.

Melissa Kimble woring on a computer at the Univeristy of Maine Library. She is sitting at table with her laptop with books on a shelf behind her.
Melissa Kimble at the University of Maine Library

Refer to and download these sheets about the scientists in the videos as appropriate:

Reflect on what you saw and learned.  This is intended to be a small group discussion, but could be individual or whole group.  Have youth discuss the following questions:

    • How did you feel when you were watching these videos? 
    • What surprised you about what you saw and/or heard from these scientists?
    • What themes or patterns did you notice between the videos you watched?
    • What do you think the purpose of these folks sharing their stories might be?
    • What are some similarities between yourself and these scientists?
    • If you had a chance to talk to the scientists yourself, what questions would ask?

I am a Scientist Videos

Savannah Swain

Melissa Kimble

Amy Bainbridge


Explore other careers in science. How could you find out about what it would be like to become a scientist in that field? Who might you talk to?

Participate live and/or watch a 4-H Teen Science Cafe.