Dining in Portland

“Should you ever find your way to Portland, take note of the city’s expansive kindness, especially to strangers who travel there alone. It’s the perfect place for solo diners, or anyone who appreciates a good meal.”  — Eric Kim, NYT Cooking


Portland, Maine offers some of the best dining experiences in New England. Situated on Casco Bay, the city’s restaurants are able to offer incredibly fresh and local seafood. Many diners may choose to indulge on the tender meat of Maine’s famous lobsters. However, one can also sample the state’s oysters, mussels, and clams which are both wild and farm harvested along Maine’s bustling waterfront. Maine’s fisherman bring in delightful catches of halibut and haddock which many would argue offer more flavor than the cod that is often associated with the state. Most seafood restaurants are found along the docks in Portland’s Old Port, but whatever you decide, it is hard to make a bad choice when it comes to seafood when you are in Portland.

While much of Portland’s seafood is found at traditional seafood restaurants, restaurants like Benkay also present fresh fish. Presenting traditional Japanese cuisine, the menu offers sushi with fresh fish, a wonderful miso soup, fresh raw oysters, and more. Vegetarians are also in luck, as Benkay provides vegetarian coastal options like seaweed salad. Another good option for those who aren’t looking for seafood is Green Elephant, an Asian Fusion restaurant located in close proximity to the Westin Harborview Hotel, which boasts a plethora of vegetarian and vegan options.


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