Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedures

The University of Maine is committed to maintaining a respectful, fair campus environment, free from discrimination, including discriminatory harassment.  The goal of the university is to prevent discrimination from occurring and to provide an effective means of raising and promptly resolving complaints.

Toward that end, the university offers internal complaint procedures to resolve concerns of discrimination or harassment on account of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, including transgender status or gender expression, national origin or citizenship status, age, disability, genetic information, or veteran status.  These issues may be raised by faculty, staff, students, or members of the community.

For faculty, staff, and students:

Complaints against faculty or staff or challenges to a university practice:

If a faculty, staff, or student believes that he or she is being discriminated against and the concern involves actions by a faculty, staff member, or the issue relates to a university practice, the complaint may be resolved using the University of Maine Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedure.  This procedure provides for both informal and formal complaint resolution mechanisms.  The Equal Opportunity Staff can provide information about the process and explain the options available.  For more information about the procedure, see the Procedure for Internal Complaints.  To initiate a formal complaint please use the following Request for Investigation form.

Complaints against students:

If a faculty, staff, or student believes that he or she is being discriminated against and the concern involves actions by a student, the University of Maine Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedure provides that formal complaints are resolved through the University of Maine’s Student Conduct Code process.  Such conduct may be reported to David Fiacco, Director of Community Standards, Rights, and Responsibilities, 319 Memorial Union or call 581.1409.

If the issue has to do with sexual harassment, including sexual assault and stalking by a student, please contact Elizabeth Lavoie, Coordinator of the Office of Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention at 581.1406. For more information about the Student Conduct Code Process, please view the Student Conduct Code .

Retaliation for bringing a complaint of discrimination or participating in an investigation into such concerns is prohibited.

For more information, please contact:

Office of Equal Opportunity
5754 North Stevens Hall, Room 101
University of Maine
Orono Maine  04469-5754

Telephone:  207.581.1226
TTY:  207.581.9484
Fax:  207.581.1214

Email: equal.opportunity@maine.edu

Individuals with concerns regarding discrimination may also contact external agencies that handle concerns of this nature.  The following are links to various agencies with jurisdiction over complaints of discrimination.