Affirmative Action

The University of Maine strives to be a first choice institution for highly qualified and diverse students, employees, and faculty.  (The University of Maine Strategic Plan 2006-2011.)  Part of that goal includes attracting and retaining highly qualified and diverse research and teaching faculty and highly qualified and diverse employees who provide student centered and effective learning experiences and services.  (Id.)  The Office of Equal Opportunity (EO) strives to assist the university meet these goals both through and through commitment to the university’s nondiscrimination policy and implementation of the University’s Affirmative Action Plans.

As a federal contractor, the University of Maine has a legal obligation under federal law to have an affirmative action program.  In accordance with these regulations, the university annually prepares its affirmative action plans.  In general, the university compares the demographics of its workforce with the demographics of those individuals theoretically available to fill similar positions.

If the percentage of women or minorities estimated to be in the available job market is higher than that represented in the university’s workforce, then women or minorities are considered “underrepresented” in that job group.  If there is an under representation in a job group, then the University will undertake “good faith” efforts to meet annual hiring goals through focused recruitment efforts and its nondiscrimination policies.

Complete copies of the University of Maine’s Affirmative Action Plan for Minorities and Women and its Affirmative Action Plan for Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities can be viewed at the Office of Equal Opportunity during its regular business hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.