2018 Summer Technology Institute

August 6-9, 2018 • University of Maine at Farmington


  • Working Toward a More Student-Centered Classroom with Jeff Bailey
  • Make Literacy: Connecting Reading, Writing, and Making with Megan Blakemore
  • Getting Started with EdTech in your Classroom with Mia Morrison
  • Coaching and Leading Instructional Change with Johanna Prince
  • Design Thinking: Empathy-Fueled, Human-Centered Problem Solving Pre-K to Higher Ed with Dan Ryder
  • Empowering Student Learners Through Technology in the K-5 classroom with Cathy Wolinsky



Session 1: 12:30-1:45

  • Fostering Growth Mindset with Ashley LaCroix
  • Curating Content for Students with Chromebooks with Cheryl Oakes
  • Introduction to Breakout Games: Playing and Finding Resources with Amy Tucker
  • Educators’ Capacity-Building Peer Coaching with Lee Anna Stirling
  • Getting Started with Twitter with Jeff Bailey
  • Building reflective practice with students and connection with families using SeeSaw with Cathy Wolinsky

Session 2: 2:00-3:15

  • Turning Research into Inquiry with Digital Resources with Megan Blakemore
  • Digital Citizenship in the Primary Grades with Ashley LaCroix
  • Creating Your Online Presence: Google Tools, Twitter and Online Video with Cheryl Oakes
  • Create Your Own Content-Based Breakout Game with Amy Tucker
  • Quality Project-Based Learning with Lee Anna Stirling
  • Twitter and Building your PLN with Dan Ryder


Session 1: 12:30-1:45

  • Playground for Hands-On Computing with Johanna Prince
  • Ten Technology Tools for Differentiated Instruction with Justin Kangas
  • Going Beyond the Classroom with Virtual Field Trips with Eric Lawson
  • Hyperdocs with Alice Barr
  • Introduction to Design Thinking with Dan Ryder
  • Visualizing Vocabulary with Mia Morrison

Session 2: 2:00-3:15

  • Bring Learning to the 3rd Dimension with Jeff Bailey
  • Using Technology to Engage Parents and Community with Justin Kangas
  • Plotting Your Trip: Mapping Your Data with Eric Lawson
  • Hyperdocs with Alice Barr


Session 1: 12:30-1:45

  • Using Apple Accessibility Tools to Empower All Learners with Heather Freeman
  • Assistive Technology and Accessibility in STEM with Hillary Goldthwaite-Fowles
  • Drone Flying 101 with Dan LeClair
  • Using Robots With Students with Johanna Prince
  • DIY Wearable Technology with Megan Blakemore

Session 2: 2:00-3:15

  • Authoring with Book Creator with Cathy Wolinsky
  • Google Classroom for Learner Engagement and Independence with Heather Freeman
  • Assistive Technology and Accessibility in STEM with Hillary Goldthwaite-Fowles
  • How Drones Fly and How to Build Them with Your Students with Dan LeClair
  • Photojournalism to Engage the Disenfranchised with Mia Morrison