Social Studies Education

M.A., M.S., M.Ed., C.A.S.

The 33-semester hour Master’s program is individually planned by the student and advisor within the regulations of the College and the Graduate School. Six credits must be in two seminars or in a seminar and a practicum. The program includes a minimum of 15 credit hours in social studies and professional education courses, 12 in social sciences and six hours of electives.

A Master of Arts and/or a Master of Science degree program would include 12 semester hours in the academic fields of the social sciences, 12 in social studies and professional education and six centering around thesis work.

The Certificate of Advanced Studies is a 30-credit hour program designed to improve the performance and effectiveness of teachers and administrators as educators. The C.A.S. program includes 12 semester hours in social studies education, nine in related coursework in professional education and nine in the social sciences.