Objectives of the Program

The Educational Leadership faculty is committed to educating competent and visionary leaders for educational institutions for Maine and beyond. We develop and sustain in practice leaders who collaborate with, inspire, and model for others the best qualities of learning, ethical conduct, and commitment to student development. Education in leadership involves developing in leaders knowledge, interpersonal skills, and personal/professional values and awareness that will enable them to influence their schools for positive student outcomes. We assist our students in fulfilling objectives encompassed in the following six knowledge domains that correspond to learning skills and knowledge in the cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal dimensions. Since we follow a developmental model, we know that people are at different points in their learning with regard to any standards or objectives; nevertheless, we and our students use the objectives to assess their growth and guide further learning.

1.    An effective school leader has expertise in learning and teaching, assessment of learning, and instructional design and models and assists others in implementing strategies to improve learning for all children.

2.   An effective school leader understands the manner in which schools improve their performance and facilitates processes that enhance student learning.

3.    An effective school leader is skilled in creating effective working relationships with all constituents who support children’s learning.

4.    An effective school leader understands and demonstrates skills essential to mobilizing others for action so the school can make significant gains in the learning of all children.

5.    An effective school leader articulates a coherent leadership philosophy that supports high student and school performance.

6.    An effective school leader assesses leadership capacities and demonstrates the self-management skills necessary to succeed at the previous five objectives and the overall goal of school transformation.