We have developed a plan for when courses will be offered for the next 4 years. Please contact your advisor or a member of the Educational Leadership faculty for this information.

I. Organizational and Educational Theory: Courses covering the conceptual and philosophical bases of organizational life, education, and leadership

EAD 550: Theories of Educational Organizations
EAD 551: Dynamics of Change in Schools
EAD 560: Functions and Theories of Educational Leadership (I & II),3-6 credits (Cohort only)
EAD 564: Educational Organizations from a Personal, Social & Political Perspective (Cohort only)
EAD 650: Leadership Styles in Education (EAD 550 or EDS 642 or permission.)
EAD 651: Organizational Behavior in Education (EAD 550 or EDS 642 or perm.)
EAD 654: Educational Policy Formulation and Analysis (EAD 550 or permission.)
EAD 656: Social and Ethical Foundations of Educational Leadership (Master’s Degree or EDH 500)
EAD 658: Advanced Leadership Studies in Education (Doctoral Students or permission)
EDH 660: Historical Roots of Educational Thought and Practice (CAS & Doc. Students)
EDS 676: Doctoral Seminar in Education Administration (permission)EDH 500: Social Context of Education EDH 662: Philosophy of Education (Master’s Degree)
EDH 500: Social Context of Education
EDH 662: Philosophy of Education (Master’s Degree)

II. Leadership Practice: Courses that apply to the practice of leadership and the development of leadership skills.
EAD 500: Fundamentals of Educational Leadership
EAD 510: Educational Supervision (EDB 202, EDB 204 or equivalents)
EAD 531: School Law for Administrators
EAD 532: Staff Development for School Leaders
EAD 562: Group Leadership and Decision Making in Schools (Cohort only)
EAD 563: Interpersonal Dimensions of Educational Leadership (Cohort only)
EAD 615: The Principalship (EAD 500 or EAD 550 or equivalent.)
EAD 616: Resource Based Decision Making for School Leaders
EAD 630: School Finance and Business Management (Master’s Degree and permission)
EAD 637: Politics, Power and Policy in Educational Leadership
EAD 640: Contract Negotiation and Management for Educational Administration
EDG 657: Educational Leadership Practicum (Permission)
EAD 690: Principal Internship (Permission)
EAD 691: Internship in Educational Leadership (Permission.)
EAD 692: Superintendent Internship I (Master’s Degree and permission.)
EAD 693: Superintendent Internship II (EAD 692 and permission.)
EDA 521: Evaluation of Instruction (EDB 202 or permission.)
EDC 524: Curriculum and Organization of Middle Schools & Junior High Schools
EDC 533: Dynamics of the Curriculum (EDB 202/204/221 or equivalents.)
EDC 595: Leadership in Curriculum Design for Administrators/Supervisors (EDC 533 or permission.)
EDS 569: Capstone Seminar in Educational Leadership (Cohort only)
EDS 641: Seminar in Supervision (EAD 500, EAD 510 or equivalent.)
EDS 642: Seminar in School Leadership (EAD 500 and EAD 615 or equivalents.)
EDS 643: Seminar in School District Leadership (Master’s Degree in Administration)
EDS 644: Seminar in Interpersonal Dimensions of Educational Leadership (EAD 500, EAD 550: EAD 615 or EAD 650 and permission.)
EDS 645: Seminar in Teacher Leadership
EDU 690: Topics in Education Instructional Technology for Educational Leaders

III. Educational Evaluation and Research: Courses on educational evaluation and planning, and on research.
EAD 561: Leadership of Planning and Evaluation in Schools (EAD 560 and EDS 520 or permission)
EDA 570: Models of Educational Evaluation (EDA 520 or equivalent.)
EDG 595: Educational Research (pre-requisite EDS 521)
EDS 510: Introduction to Educational Research (permission)
EDS 520: Educational Assessment
EDS 521: Statistical Methods in Education
EDS 552: Advanced Statistical Methods in Education (EDS 521; knowledge of SPSS and Xedit.)
EDS 571: Qualitative Research: Theory, Design and Practice (EDS 521 or equivalent and permission.)
EDS 573: Advanced Qualitative Research
EDS 699: Graduate Thesis
EDU 698: Independent Study in Education