Kinesiology and Physical Education

Kinesiology and Physical Education


Undergraduate students in the KPE Teacher Certification option are prepared to teach children and adolescents meaningful movement and fitness experiences.  The physical education teacher training program has a long tradition of partnering with local schools to provide both pre-professional field and student teaching experiences.  Graduates are certified to teach physical education in grades K through 12 upon the successful completion of student teaching.  Early field teaching experiences are built into three required courses KPE 364 Elementary School Physical Education, KPE 365 Curriculum and Instruction of Secondary Physical Education and KPE 367 Adapted Physical Education.

M.S., M.Ed.

Faculty specialists employ the latest technology to measure and analyze physical response, development and deviation to provide understanding and application of the theory and techniques of kinesiology, health and fitness. Areas of specialization include physical education/teacher education, adapted physical education and exercise science.

Master of Education in KPE

Curriculum and Instruction Concentration

The M.Ed. degree is granted on completion of a sequenced program of study which includes a minimum of 33 semester hours, followed by a comprehensive written and oral examination. Both thesis and non-thesis options are available.

Core Requirements: Introduction to Research, Current Studies in Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Practicum

9 credit hours in Pedagogy Curriculum: Curriculum Development, Organization and Administration of HPER, Evaluative Procedures

9 credit hours of targeted electives and six hours of electives in related disciplines

Master of Science

Exercise Science Concentration

Both thesis and non-thesis options are available. The non-thesis option requires a three-credit graduate apprenticeship.

Core Requirements: Statistical Methods in Education, Introduction to Research, Current Studies in HPER; Assessment and Evaluation of Human Performance, Mechanical Analysis of Human Movement, Advanced Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning and Performance

6 credits of targeted electives for a total of 33 hours