Maine Schools in Focus Editorial Board

Co-Managing Editors

James ArtesaniJim Artesani, Associate Dean of Accreditation and Graduate Affairs and Associate Professor of Special Education

Janet Fairman photoJanet Fairman, Associate Professor and Co-director of the Maine Education Policy Research Institute

Board Members

Elizabeth AllanElizabeth Allan, Professor of Higher Education

Catharine BiddleCatharine Biddle, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

Leah HakkolaLeah Hakkola, Assistant Professor of Higher Education

Elizabeth HufnagelElizabeth Hufnagel, Assistant Professor of Science Education

Amy JohnsonAmy Johnson, Assistant Director of the Center for Education Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation at University of Southern Maine and Co-director of the Maine Educational Policy Research Institute

MarnikGeorge Marnik, Lecturer in Educational Leadership (Retired)

Patrick WomacPatrick Womac, Assistant Professor of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction