What is the timeline to implement MPCL?

Implementing Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy In Your School

Photo of Doctor Seuss day at Fort Kent Elementary SchoolPhase 1: Awareness and Planning

  • The school explores the Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy to determine if the school and model fit.
  • The school develops a local plan for funding and implementation.
  • The school selects a teacher to be trained as the school literacy coach.
  • The school submits an application to the Literacy Area Programs at the University of Maine.

Phase 2: Literacy Coach Internship and Leadership Retreat

  • The literacy coach attends training at the University of Maine.
  • A school leadership team is created and attends the first four days of the Leadership Retreat at the University of Maine.
  • The school faculty is introduced to the Integrated Instructional Framework.
  • A book room is established to hold the school’s collection of guided reading books.
  • School baseline data is collected and analyzed.

Phase 3: Implementation

  • A year-long graduate course is taught at the school by the literacy coach.
  • The leadership team returns to the University of Maine for the final two days of the Leadership Retreat.
  • Teachers engage with the literacy coach in demonstration lessons and coaching sessions.
  • The school book room continues to be developed.
  • Classroom books and materials are purchased such as an easel, pocket charts, and books for read aloud.
  • The school collects and analyzes student data.

Phase 4: Ongoing Professional Development and Refinement

  • Teachers who have participated in the initial course participate in a variety of professional development opportunities with the literacy coach.
  • Teachers continue to participate in coaching sessions with the literacy coach.
  • The school book room continues to be developed.
  • The school continues to collect and analyze student data.