Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy At-A-Glance

Model Component

Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy

Staff developer A literacy coach (who meets IRA literacy coach standards) provides on-site professional development in the form of a graduate-level course and ongoing coaching.   The literacy coach holds a master’s degree or has earned at least 21 credits toward a master’s degree to be completed shortly after the Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Internship.
Model The literacy coach internship prepares coaches to work with teachers in grades K-6. A literacy coach can work effectively with up to 18 teachers.
Eligibility All Maine schools
Governing Organization State Governing Committee made up of members from the University of Maine Literacy Faculty, a representative from the Maine Department of Education, and participating school administrators.
Design elements Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy is based on nine specific elements of effective schools:

  • Common beliefs and understandings
  • Classroom instructional practices
  • School intervention programs
  • On-site professional development
  • Home/school partnership
  • Literacy leadership team and literacy coach
  • Multilevel organizational support
  • Classroom assessment, school evaluation and state evaluation
  • Alignment with school curriculum and Maine Learning Results
Cost for initial internship $22,657.00 includes all costs except salary for the literacy coach
Yearly after internship $1,700.00
Data collection & submission Schools are supported in establishing a set of local assessments to monitor ongoing program development and improved student achievement.
Intervention models Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy is a classroom model that is coordinated with supplemental services provided in the school such as Reading Recovery, local special education programs, Title 1 programs and other intervention programs
Leadership teams A leadership team is established to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the model within the school. A literacy leadership retreat is required during the first two years of implementation to assist the team in understanding the intricacies of ongoing literacy program change and whole school planning for improved literacy achievement for all children.