Degree overview
Graduate programs in social studies education are designed for teachers who want to increase their knowledge in the social sciences, enhance social studies instruction for their students, and provide leadership in social studies curriculum development. Coursework includes a strong foundation in general education, with core classes focused on best practices for teaching students history or social studies topics. Master’s (M.A., M.S., M.Ed.) and Certificate of Advanced Study degrees are available in the area of social studies education.

Careers in social studies education
Our graduates are teacher leaders, curriculum coordinators and school administrators at the elementary and secondary level. In addition, some choose to work for nonprofit education agencies.

Program delivery

  • M.A./M.S.: A Master of Arts and/or a Master of Science degree program includes 12 semester hours in the academic fields of history or selected social sciences, 12 semester hours in social studies pedagogy and/or related professional education, and six semester hours centering around thesis work.
  • M.Ed.: With guidance from a faculty advisor, students complete 33 semester hours, including 15 credit hours in history or selected social sciences, 12 in social studies pedagogy and/or related professional education courses (must include two seminars or a seminar and practicum), and six credit hours of electives.
  • C.A.S.: The Certificate of Advanced Study in Social Studies Education is a 30-hour program designed to improve the performance and effectiveness of teachers and administrators as educators. The C.A.S. program includes 12 credit hours in social studies pedagogy, nine semester hours in related professional education courses, and nine credit hours in the fields of history or selected social sciences.

To apply
Applications should be submitted through the University of Maine Graduate School. For deadlines and more information, please contact Administrative Assistant for Graduate Records Jo-Ellen Carr,