Graduate Outreach Program

Master of Education in Elementary/Secondary
(Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction – CAI)

Designed for: Certified educators who become part of a regional cohort

Enrich experience and skills
Bring positive change to the schools
Experience substantial exposure to exemplary practice
Reflect on and analyze one’s own practice

Pre-requisites: A bachelor’s degree in education.
Credits: 33
Thesis: Non-thesis
Endorsement: No endorsement
Scheduling: One course each fall and spring. Some may be offered as weekend courses, e.g. Friday night/Saturday morning over four or five weekends during the semester.
Advising: University of Maine faculty member in CAI programs
Curriculum: EDC 533: Dynamics of Curriculum
EDT 520: Technology Tools for K-12 Schools
EDS 615: Seminar in Methods of Teaching
EDH 600: Seminar in Education in the U.S.
EDA 521: Evaluation of Instruction
EDH 540: Students at Risk and Their Families
EDS 520: Educational Assessment
EAD 551: Dynamics of Change
EDG 657: Practicum
Two Electives

This graduate program is provided by the College of Education and Human Development of the University of Maine, Orono. The Masters Degree will be conferred by the University of Maine.

For additional information, contact:
Mr. Owen Maurais
Graduate Outreach Coordinator
University of Maine
5766 Shibles Hall
Orono, ME 04469-5766
Telephone: 207.581.3651

Application: Submit an application to the Graduate School. Application is online at