Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) is intended to serve as a college-wide advisory body to the dean of the College of Education and Human Development. Its functions will include advising and consulting with the dean on issues concerning the welfare of the college, having delegated authority to supervise and conduct all faculty elections at the college level, advising the dean in determining the time, date and place of all COEHD faculty meetings, advising the dean in preparing the agenda and making arrangements for the faculty meetings, consulting and advising the dean in the appointment and replacement of associate and assistant deans, annually soliciting feedback from faculty regarding the performance of the dean’s office, advising the dean regarding initiation and evaluation of and decisions concerning policies related to scholarship and professional conduct, advising and consulting with the dean regarding development and revision of guidelines and procedures for faculty appointment, promotion and tenure in accordance with the current COEHD Faculty and Staff Handbook and other appropriate guidelines and regulations, and proposing amendments to the By-Laws, with written rationale, on its own initiative or after consideration of requests from faculty or the dean. The FAC shall determine its own operating rules and procedures.

1. Membership:

A. The FAC shall consist of two regular faculty members elected from each of the college’s schools.
B. The chair of the FAC shall be chosen by the elected members of the council. The chair shall serve a one-year term, and may be reelected for one addition term.
C. The chair of the FAC, in consultation with the other members of the council, shall appoint one ex-officio member from the COEHD faculty, who shall serve without vote.

2. Elections:

A. School elections for the FAC will take place in the spring semester for the following year.
B. Any member of the regular faculty of the COEHD is eligible for election to the FAC.
C. Faculty members are elected to the FAC for a two-year term of office. No faculty member shall serve more than two consecutive terms.

3. Meetings:

A. The FAC shall meet as often as needed to perform its duties, but no less than once a month during fall and spring semesters.
B. The minutes of the FAC meetings shall be made available to all faculty.
C. Meetings of the FAC shall be open, except when the council votes to hold a closed meeting. All faculty will be notified of council meetings in advance.

Current Faculty Advisory Council members:

  • Susan Bennett-Armistad, Associate Professor of Literacy (chair)
  • Timothy Reagan, Professor Foreign Language Education
  • Lauren Jacobs, Lecturer of Outdoor Leadership
  • Chris Nightingale, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Athletic Training
  • Elizabeth Allan, Professor of Higher Education

Faculty Advisory Council meeting resources: