Mette speaks to Times Record about Brunswick superintendent’s new podcast

Ian Mette, director of the School of Educational Leadership, Higher Education and Human Development and an associate professor of educational leadership in the College of Education and Human Development, spoke to the Times Record about the efforts of school superintendents to reach out to the community in creative ways, like Brunswick superintendent Phil Potenziano’s new podcast “Brunswick Buzz.” Mette noted that students in the University of Maine’s Doctor of Education program are required to experiment with communication tools like podcasts, videos and social media. He praised school leaders working to transform their districts into “open systems,” meaning they invite engagement and interaction from the community. “I think it’s really smart for school districts to think along this line. Parents, community members, students, all want to have a voice in their education. I think when you are willing to consider yourself an open system as a school district, you’re able to get input and eventually buy-in from the community,” Mette said.