Maeve Studholme, EES Student Ambassador


Why did you choose UMaine and the EES program?

I chose UMaine because I was really interested in what the campus had to offer and after taking a tour, I felt as though it would be a good fit for me. I love the location and had heard great things about the EES program. I knew I wanted to major in environmental science in high school and I loved the idea of being able to pick from so many concentrations. Not to mention, the students and faculty within the program made it seem like a great fit.


Why did you choose your particular concentration?

I chose the Natural History and Environmental Studies concentration because I’ve always had an interest in evolution and conservation. This concentration seemed like a good fit in terms of what I may want to do in the future. I also enjoyed the presentation given during EES 117 as it helped me to consider and ultimately choose this concentration.

Best hands-on experience?

My best hands-on experience would have to be working in Duxbury during the summer of 2019. I monitored piping plovers and least terns and was also able to interact with beachgoers, which helped me to learn more about relaying scientific information to the public as well as animal behavior. 

What do you do when you aren’t studying or attending classes?       

When I’m not studying or attending classes, I love hanging out with my friends and being able to go off-campus and explore the surrounding areas. I also enjoy photography in my free time.

Any wisdom or advice for prospective EES students?

My advice for prospective EES students would be to get as involved as you can. As someone who did not join clubs as a first-year student, I really think it would be a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests and to gain new experiences.


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