James Greenwood, EES Ambassador

Why did you choose UMaine and the EES program?

I chose UMaine because I am from this state and I think that it is the perfect place to study the outdoors. The EES program at UMaine has allowed me to study the broad impacts that humans have on the environment while also gaining specific knowledge that will help me with my future career.

Why did you choose your particular concentration?

I chose to make my own concentration because I didn’t feel that the options provided by the EES program necessarily fit what I needed for my future career. By making my own concentration, I was able to customize my degree to get the experiences I need to look more desirable to future employers.

Best hands-on experience?

Working in the summer at the Lyle Littlefield Gardens and Roger Clapp Greenhouses!

What do you do when you aren’t studying or attending classes?

I work off campus at Hannaford and on campus at the Office of Student Employment. I am also a member and officer of the UMaine Crew Club.

Any wisdom or advice for prospective EES students?

Listen to your advisors and take their advice seriously. Never be afraid to ask questions and ALWAYS stay curious!