Erin Gilmore, EES Student Ambassador

Why did you choose UMaine and the EES program?

UMaine was the first school I visited and I honestly thought I loved it so much because of that reason when in reality it was so much more. Compared to other New England schools and their respective environmental science programs, I found UMaine to be the most inviting. Being from a suburban town on the outskirts of Boston, UMaine felt like the most outdoorsy campus environment to pursue my natural science studies. I came up for a couple of open house programs but found myself drawn to EES because you start broad in the environmental science world and gradually choose a concentration, as opposed to jumping right into a very particular major. I knew I wanted to find a career in the environmental sector but didn’t quite know what and EES is there to help find the right path for you.

Why did you choose your particular concentration?

I chose Sustainability, Environmental Policy, and Natural Resource Management because of my interest in communicating with people about the environment and environmental issues. I felt I could best find a career with a focus on social skills and communication through resource management or policy.

Best hands-on experience

This past summer I worked with a UMaine grad student researching Lyme disease and the attitudes towards and preventative methods recreationists employ, through survey questions. It was a really cool experience watching the research process unfold from beginning to end and has inspired me to consider going to grad school.

What do you do when you aren’t studying or attending classes?

I’m a member of the UMaine Horticulture club and enjoy tending to my ever-growing plant collection. Other than that, you can find me hanging with friends, doing puzzles, playing the ukelele, feeding my guinea pigs, or being active outdoors.

Any wisdom or advice for prospective EES students?

Clubs, sports, groups- the works. Everyone says it, but I honestly found really cool people with similar interests by joining group activities and not just from being in the same classes together. It also gives you something consistently scheduled to leave your room for during the week. Research experience is another awesome opportunity. Grad students and professors are always looking for volunteers in their lab, so ask around or attend EES job fairs to find a position. Even if it isn’t paid, you can still build connections that sometimes can lead to a paid position later.


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