Putnam paper receives public attention

A new paper by Aaron Putnam, co-authored with Wally Broeker of Columbia University, has garnered attention from several media outlets.  The paper explores how rainfall patterns will respond to changing climate, using past climate change as a guide. The paper at Science Advances (a top feature on their website): Related articles UMaine press release […]

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Laura Hartman wins presentation award

Laura Hartman was awarded a prize for her presentation “Frozen Volcano: Quantitatively Sourcing Ice Core Tephra” at the 2017 UMaine Student Symposium. Laura is an M.S. student in the Climate Change Institute, working with Andrei Kurbatov and Alicia Cruz-Uribe of SECS. Laura’s project relates to tephrachronology, as she explains: “Paleoclimate reconstructions from ice cores rely […]

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Ed Grew’s study about Anthropocene minerals garners widespread attention

Ed Grew and co-authors Robert Hazen, Marcus Origlieri and Robert Downs have published a study cataloging 208 minerals tied to human activities and consider how minerals do and will appear in the stratigraphic record of this time period, one many now call the Anthropocene. The article is published in American Mineralogist. Over 60 news organizations […]

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Improving the management of coupled coastal systems

Research in Cromwell Brook watershed in Acadia National Park by the Watershed Process and Sustainability Research Group led by Sean Smith is described in an online edition of U Maine Today magazine. The watershed research involves work by Brett Gerard (PhD student), Sam Roy (post doctoral researcher), and multiple undergraduate research assistants.

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Perfect Dam Project

Ph.D. student Andrew Newcomb is studying dams along the Penobscot River to inform decision making. Read the full story at the Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions here.

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He-3 sample

Record(?) amount of He-3 found in a terrestrial sample

Gordon Bromley led the team that discovered a sample from East Antarctica that contains the highest concentration of helium-3 (a variety of helium formed from cosmogenic radiation) ever recorded in a terrestrial sample. Gordon’s full story is on the cosmognosis blog.

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Jill Pelto’s art gains attention

Recent B.S. graduate and incoming M.S. student Jillian Pelto is making waves in the world of using art to communicate science. Her recent recognition comes from her inspiring illustrations of climatic data in a new NOAA report. A full story is on the UMaine news page.

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Kimberley Miner

Kimberley Miner awarded Switzer fellowship

Kimberley Rain Miner, Ph.D. student in the UMaine School of Earth and Climate Sciences, was selected as a Switzer Environmental Fellow by the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation. Miner will add her Switzer fellowship to a remarkable list of awards and grants she has received for her research, including a Fulbright Award, a SMART grant […]

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Mongolian herders help Aaron Putnam pack horses

Aaron Putnam’s work on Asia climate history receives notice

The history of the Mongol empire captures people’s attention. In recent years, paleoclimate research has shed more light on some of the military decisions of that time. Most notably, the changing climate of the 1200s may have resulted first in the spread of grasslands, allowing the consequent spread of the Mongol empire. Later, drying could […]

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SECS Annual student awards announced

The 2016 awards from the School of Earth and Climate Sciences were announced on Friday May 6th. Congratulations to: Zachary Mason (Kupfer Field Camp Scholarship, Golden Field Camp Scholarship, George H. Stone Award, Outstanding Senior Award) Marissa Bovie (Golden Field Camp Scholarship, Edward Sturgis Grew Scholarship, Outstanding Senior Award) Adam Rogers (Golden Field Camp Award, […]

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Ed Grew with some of his rocks

Mineralogical Magazine publishes official citation and acceptance texts for Collins Medal awarded to Ed Grew in 2015

Mineralogical Magazine, one of the top international scientific journals for mineralogy, has just published the official citation and acceptance texts for the Collins Medal presented to Research Professor Edward Grew at the award ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland, in July 2015. The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland awards the Collins Medal each year to […]

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