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Grew a guest editor of a special edition of Elements magazine

Edward Grew, University of Maine research professor of Earth sciences, is co-guest editor, with Robert Bowell and Philip Pogge von Strandmann, of “Lithium: Less is More”, a special edition of Elements, an international magazine of mineralogy, geochemistry and petrology.  The August 2020 issue also features an article by Grew, “The Minerals of Lithium.” Grew and […]

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Jesse Walters: Edith M. Patch Outstanding Ph.D. Student

The Edith M. Patch Outstanding Ph.D. Award recognizes a Ph.D. student with a distinguished record in areas that Dr. Edith M. Patch, a pioneering entomologist, excelled in during her long and important career at UMaine. Jesse Walters is the Edith M. Patch Outstanding Ph.D. Student in the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture. He […]

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Clifford’s dust storm study among top 10% of JGR: Atmospheres downloaded papers

Heather Clifford’s groundbreaking study that found a warming planet will make dust storms more intense in the Mediterranean, which will impact glaciers, air quality and frequency of North Atlantic hurricanes, was among the top 10% of the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres’ most downloaded papers published between January 2018 and December 2019. Clifford is a doctoral student in […]

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences publishes four UMaine articles linking archaeology, climate change

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the world’s most-cited multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, has published four articles by University of Maine researchers focusing on angles of the relationship between archaeology, climate change and the human experience as part of a Special Feature. By combining these fields of study, the teams hope to bring insights from the […]

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Campbell part of PBH NewsHour feature about ‘doomsday glacier’

Geophysicist Seth Campbell was featured in the PBS NewsHour story “A risky expedition to study the ‘doomsday glacier.’” The assistant professor in the Climate Change Institute  and School of Earth and Climate Sciences journeyed with a team to Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier — “the largest, most menacing source of rising sea levels all over the world [which is] […]

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Mayewski, Potocki to talk about Everest expedition in Belfast

World-renowned climate scientist and explorer Paul Mayewski and glaciochemist Mariusz Potocki will give a free, public talk titled “The National Geographic and Rolex Perpetual Planet Extreme Mt. Everest Expedition,” 5:30–6:30 p.m. Friday, March 6 in the auditorium at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast. The goal of the two-month multinational, multidisciplinary National Geographic and Rolex Perpetual […]

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Graduate School announces 2020–21 Waldron, Hunter, Chase awardees

Ten doctoral candidates will each receive one of three 2020–21 awards: the Janet Waldron Doctoral Research Fellowship, the Susan J. Hunter Teaching Assistantship, and the Chase Distinguished Research Assistantship. These awards will support the students in their research and professional development. Janet Waldron Doctoral Research Fellowship Shelby Helwig, Psychological Sciences Frankie St. Amand, Interdisciplinary Studies […]

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U.S. Arctic Research Commission to hold March meeting at UMaine

The U.S. Arctic Research Commission (USARC) will host its 113th public meeting from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 24 at Buchanan Alumni House. The USARC meeting, the first ever in the state, will focus on Arctic research conducted by scientists in Maine and the region, and how the federal government can help advance that […]

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Jan. 29 Maine Climate Council meeting will be live streamed

The second meeting of the Maine Climate Council on Jan. 29 in Augusta will focus on a report from the Science and Technical Subcommittee about the effects of climate change in the state. The subcommittee’s work in the past four months provides the initial scientific basis for the ongoing deliberations of the various working groups, according to […]

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Maine Question

‘The Maine Question’ probes Mayewski’s explorations, discoveries

In Part 1 of this two-part podcast, “The Maine Question” asks what it’s like in the most remote, harsh and spectacular locations on Earth? Anyone with a thirst for adventure has likely dreamed of seeing the South Pole, Mount Everest, or the massive ice sheets of Greenland. Paul Mayewski has done all of that and […]

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