Dr. Edward Grew guest editor of the August issue of “Elements”

(cover illustration published with permission of the Mineralogical Society of America)

Ed Grew is the guest editor of the August issue of Elements, an international magazine of mineralogy, geochemistry and petrology, published jointly by 17 societies
https://umaine.edu/news/along-the-mall/. As guest editor, Ed wrote the lead paper to introduce the six peer-reviewed articles by researchers from England, Turkey, Japan, New Zealand and the United States:  http://elementsmagazine.org/. The theme issue focuses on boron, including how the fifth element in the periodic table evolved from extreme scarcity in the early solar system to its being concentrated in economic deposits in Earth’s continental crust. Boron provides insights into understanding Earth’s history, including paleoclimate, and has a possible role in stabilizing critical prebiotic compounds from which life originated.

In addition, Ed’s paper, “How many boron minerals occur in Earth’s upper crust?” appears in the August online issue of the American Mineralogist http://www.minsocam.org/msa/ammin/toc/2017/index.html?issue_number=08 It was selected as a Centennial Paper, celebrating the 100th year of the journal.