Mineralogical Magazine publishes official citation and acceptance texts for Collins Medal awarded to Ed Grew in 2015

Mineralogical Magazine, one of the top international scientific journals for mineralogy, has just published the official citation and acceptance texts for the Collins Medal presented to Research Professor Edward Grew at the award ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland, in July 2015. The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland awards the Collins Medal each year to a scientist who, “during a long and active career, has made an outstanding contribution to pure or applied aspects of Mineral Sciences and associated studies.” In the citation. Frances Wall, then President of the Mineralogical Society, praised Ed as a “formidable mineralogist” who has made “outstanding contributions to the mineralogy of some of the elements that most people would prefer to avoid, because of the difficulty of their analysis –namely boron and then beryllium.” She especially cited Ed’s dedicated service to the mineralogical community– his “22 combined years as associate editor for the journals Mineralogical Magazine, American Mineralogist, The Canadian Mineralogist, and Lithos” – and for how “helpful he is to authors on the path towards publication.” She continued, “peer review and editing and teaching are essential for science but perhaps not always so well rewarded as they might be.”

Source: Mineralogical Magazine, April 2016, Vol. 80(2), pp. 207–211.