ODI Series

ODI Series: Fall 2020 Lectures. Rob Jackson, Yas Queen.
Yas Queen
Rob Jackson from Diversity and Inclusion will explore the cis white use and the exploitation of black trans femme language and culture.
ODI Series: Fall 2020 Lectures. Darren Ranco , John Bear Mitchell, and Margo Lukens: What does decolonization mean?
What does decolonization mean?
A panel of esteemed scholars tell us about what decolonization means and what is means both to UMaine and to the state of Maine.









ODI Series: Fall 2020 Lectures. Mandi Gearhart: Intersection of Race and Disability
Intersection of Race and Disability
Mandi Gearhart from Student Accessibility Services will explore how many students of color are often overlooked as needing accommodations to succeed in K-12 school systems and the impacts follow them into college/university.
ODI Series: Fall 2020 Lectures. Kevin Roberge: White Guy Talks About Himself
White Guy Talks about Himself
Kevin Roberge from Mathematics & Women and Gender Studies asks: Suppose I start by stating that I am a straight white cis man from a working-class family. What does that even mean? How does it affect my actions, my values, and my decision to give this talk? Do we need another white guy dispensing advice on race, gender, class, and more? However, I do think I can offer at least my own perspective on working to wake up and working to support change.