UMaine Dining - Sodexo Partnership

The University of Maine will become the final public university in the state to partner with Sodexo for campus dining services, increasing healthy local food options for UMaine students, national purchasing power, and economic opportunities for Maine growers and producers.

Pending the outcome of negotiations with Sodexo, UMaine Dining’s 21 nonrepresented management and supervisory employees have been offered the opportunity to transition on Jan. 1, 2023; full transition of the 91 represented UMaine Dining Services salaried and hourly employees who opt to transition to Sodexo will occur by July 1. All employees will be offered commensurate positions with Sodexo.

The Nov. 16 news release is online.

The following FAQs reflect UMaine commonly asked community questions. Updates on the UMaine-Sodexo partnership will appear on this page.

Frequently asked questions