Allergies and Intolerances

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, UMaine Dining staff are pleased to assist you in determining whether a menu item contains an ingredient that may cause a reaction. Please be aware that kitchens are used for foods containing allergens and many of our facilities utilize self-service dining. Contact our office if you have a severe food allergy or intolerance to discuss available options.

Every reasonable attempt will be made to assist you in having your needs met in our facilities. However, because of the large number of customers served, it is not always possible to provide a therapeutic diet that may be needed for medical nutrition therapy or severe allergies. Meal plan modifications or exemptions are only granted in extreme cases.Allergen icons for gluten friendly, dairy-free, nuts-free, dairy-free, nuts, fish or shellfish


  • Foods prepared in our facilities with ingredients that do not contain gluten will be labeled with a gluten-friendly (gf) icon
  • Food handling and safety techniques are in place which reduce the risk of cross contamination
    • Our kitchens are not dedicated gluten-free, so we cannot guarantee 100% gluten-free facilities


  • Foods in our facilities that do not contain milk or dairy by-products will be labeled with a dairy-free (df) icon


  • Foods in our facilities that contain peanuts, tree nuts or their by-products will be labeled with a nut (n) icon
  • Customers with allergies to peanuts and other nuts are advised to avoid eating any baked goods due to potential for cross contamination in the bakery


  • Foods in our facilities that contain fish, shellfish or their by-products will be labeled with a fish (f) icon
  • We label for all fin-fish as well as the shellfish and mollusks
  • Fish and shellfish-allergic customers are advised to avoid eating any deep-fried foods due to potential for cross contamination in the fryers, regardless of whether an item is a seafood selection

Note: Ingredients and nutritional content may vary. Manufacturers may change their product formulation without our knowledge, and product availability may fluctuate. While we make every effort to identify ingredients, it is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to judge whether or not to question ingredients or choose to eat selected foods. For questions regarding ingredients, please consult a dining services manager at any time.

Allergy Aware at Hilltop Dining

Hilltop Dining features the Allergy Aware venue, offering menu items without the Big 8 allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, eggs, milk and wheat) or gluten at dinner. Even if you don’t have an allergy, you will find these items as delicious as the other options.

Menu tag infographic with dinesmart dietary criteria, allergen alerts, name of item, and whether food item is vegan or vegetarianMenu Cards

Menu cards make it easy to find important details about your food choices. The allergy icons on our menu cards are displayed based on recipe ingredients, which have been carefully screened by our Nutrition Support Manager. Labels follow the FARE Pilot Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Higher Education.

Download the FARE Pilot Guidelines (PDF)