Average Weekly Time Schedule

Activity Approx. weekly time/hrs.
Direct Service  (typically 2 hours intakes,  2 hour phone triage, 1 hour Urgent Care, 14 hours Individual,  Couple, and Group Counseling). Interns also share in the after hours, on-call service 19
Collaboration 1
Outreach and Education Programming (this may include support group or psycho-educational workshops) 2
Receiving Individual or Group Supervision 4
Staff Meetings & Committee Meetings 2
Seminars and Internship Meetings 3
Additional Prof. Activities (unscheduled hours will be used to fulfill obligations of the position, e.g. clinical record-keeping, consultation, additional outreach & education programs, extra meetings, special administrative projects, research, dissertation, etc.) Please note that dissertation time cannot be guaranteed during the academic year when service demands are very high. 8-9
Average Total Hours 40

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