Speak Your Truth!

Learnings, Surprises, Satisfactions and Dissatisfactions of the past 1+ year

Spoons Overfilled drawers of cutlery, Is what March started with. But slowly began dwindling, As crowds became a myth. My pre pandemic kitchen, Was stocked with fruits of skills, Corn of social clarity, Now chard upon the grill. My fridge adorned with excellence, Academic and employed, Is dismal, dull, and dirty, Only space for the annoyed. A cupboard when once opened, Supplied with sanity, Has dust in every corner, And is slammed quite angrily. Bowls with past ripe oranges, Are withered, wrinkles deep, And the only citrus moments, Are found when I’m asleep. The sinks the only one who’s full, Edges forlorn with mold, Chipped cups and broken plates, Now over a year old. Social knives are now eroded, No food for their dull tongues, And motivation forks are lacking Sustenance for their prongs. Spoons is all that I have left, Bent from angry hands, Digging into frozen food, And ruining my plans. ID: starry night over time
A Haiku. Sun behind me streams, Even daylight warped by Zoom, I am in shadow ID: starry night sky with the Milky Way reflected by a calm river