Jessica Browne

About Me

Hello! I am a Native Mainer who grew up in Southern Maine. I identify with Maine culture and feel it is very much a part of my identity although I appreciate learning about cultures other than my own and feel I am a better human because of it.

I was given the “Most Humanitarian” award by my third grade teacher and since have found it very fitting and reflective of my values and how I live my life.  Having spent thirteen years in Philadelphia, I was fortunate to work with a diverse array of people in underserved and privileged environments. My time in the City of Brotherly Love only deepened my compassion for others and their story, enriched my understanding of privilege and most importantly highlighted one’s ability to persevere and the capacity to heal.

I love nature and open spaces; specifically snowboarding, surfing and everything ocean related.  The ocean has taught me a lot about riding the waves of life versus fighting the current.  It is typically more calm when you come out on the other side no matter how big the wave, no matter how hard the fight.  Thus we have to find a way to hang in there even when it feels impossible.

My most embarrassing moment

I once sold furniture in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as a part time job. I really had no business working in the furniture world though was helping a friend of the family. A couple came in looking for the “Shady Maple.”  I took my job seriously and only assumed they meant a type of furniture that was made of shady maple wood. I don’t even know if there is such thing. So I went through the store looking for the shady maple furniture section, not wanting to appear that I didn’t know what I was doing, and eventually turned to a colleague for guidance who loudly shared that the Shady Maple was not a type of wood though instead is a local restaurant in the area, apparently very popular in the community. I was totally embarrassed and got a good laugh out of the couple. My life lesson in that moment was to not be afraid to ask for clarification or guidance when in doubt or unsure. I am still working on this life lesson.

What is your favorite food?

I especially appreciate fresh seafood, dark chocolate with sea salt and my mom’s homemade bread.

Favorite Quote

“What does loving yourself mean?”

“It means to uncover and release whatever keeps you from true happiness. To love, honor and accept every single part of you, especially those that are kept in the dark. It means to continually observe yourself with the utmost honesty and without judgment. Loving yourself means striving to reach new heights of self-understanding so as to cultivate the wisdom that inner peace requires.”  -yung pueblo

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Bali, Indonesia first comes to mind for what I can only imagine to be a magical surf trip. I would love to immerse myself into other cultures in secluded villages and communities around the world without technology and live off of the land.

Professional Credentials and Interests

I am a therapist at the Counseling Center as well as Co-Coordinator of Outreach & Prevention.

I am a clinical social worker. I approach people as humans first with the understanding that we all struggle, suffer and celebrate in unique and meaningful ways.  I have found that rapport and trust is vital across cultures and systems. Social justice is always on my mind.  I am honored to be a therapist. I recognize how fortunate I am to get to connect with people and learn from others daily.



Master’s in Social Service, Bryn Mawr College

Master’s in Law & Social Policy, Bryn Mawr College