Amy C. Moran

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello! I come to Maine from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I completed my doctorate in Counseling Psychology at the University of St. Thomas. I have three sisters and one brother. I am proud to be a part of my blended family where I am the middle child of five very different siblings. I have also been fortunate to live and travel in many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. I cherish each and every one of my travels and feel blessed to have formed friendships with people around the world. I am always honored when someone welcomes me into their home, shares food with me, and teaches me about their lives. Travel has taught me that there are many beautiful ways to live a human life.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

I asked friends and family to help me identify a “most embarrassing moment” and am a little embarrassed to admit that I had several stories to choose from! My sister reminded me of one I hadn’t thought about for a long time. I was camping with my family in the Boundary Waters, a protected wilderness area in northern Minnesota, when we came across a turtle who had made his way half way up a very steep hill. I wanted so much to help the turtle that I found a stick and decided to give him a little nudge to help him farther up the hill. As I gave his little turtle booty a push, he came tumbling down the wall and plopped right back into the water. I felt terrible! My sister’s response was, “Wow Amy! It probably took that turtle weeks to get to where it was before you decided to ‘help’ it along!”

What is your favorite comfort food?

Popcorn. With butter. 🙂

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Oh gosh, the list is sooo long and varied. Lately I have been drawn to places around the world where there are deep and green old growth forests.

Your favorite quote…

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is carrying their own burden.” ~adapted from Ian Maclaren


Areas of interest

I like working with people from a variety of different backgrounds and across a broad range of human experiences. I am especially interested in helping people find growth, resilience, and strength after surviving difficult, painful, and traumatic experiences. I like to use compassion-focused, acceptance and mindfulness-based interventions, and mind-body practices in my work with clients. I am also a certified yoga instructor and have a very special interest in using yoga practice as a way to practice mindfulness and to promote self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Degrees awarded

Psy.D., University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, MN

M.A. Counseling Psychology, St. Mary’s University, Minneapolis, MN

B.A. Psychology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN