COVID19 Resources

COVID19 introduced us to new struggles or intensified ones we may have already been facing. Feelings of being disconnected, unmotivated, isolated, and uninspired plagued the population. New research about languishing during the pandemic is on the rise and resources and coping skills are being developed to help us manage these stressors. Below are links to sources to better understand what you are feeling and how you may cope.

TheHappinessLab – This podcast by Dr. Laurie Santos explores the research into living a happier life.



How to Stop Languishing and Start Finding Flow: Adam Grant – Adam Grant leads this TedTalk about languishing during COVID, what it looks like, and how to overcome it.




The Science of Well-being – Yale University hosts this course teaching us how to increase our happiness and build healthy habits. Dr. Laurie Santos leads lessons and discussions to integrate wellness activities into our lives.