Individual Counseling

At the UMaine Counseling Center we strive to provide compassionate and professional assistance with counseling tailored to your goals. Individual counseling is typically brief, and most students are seen for 1-6 sessions in a given academic year. During this short-term work, the counselor and client will work to practically address the client’s immediate concerns. If the student’s concerns are not ideal for brief therapy, the counselor and client will consider additional options for continued treatment, including Group Counseling at the Center, other on-campus resources who may be helpful, or referral to a community provider.

Clients whose concerns require more intensive care or specialized treatment beyond our scope of practice are often best served by mental health treatment in the community and we want to ensure that you get the best care possible (even if we are not able to be the ones to provide it). We’ll do our best to provide qualify referrals to community providers.

We are best able to meet the most students’ needs when our scheduling is flexible. Therefore we don’t assign a regular day or time to meet (e.g. every Wednesday at 11 am). Instead, at the end of each session we discuss whether another meeting is appropriate and, if so, we identify the next meeting time based on client need and therapist availability. Individual counseling appointments usually last 45 minutes.

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Not sure if you would benefit from counseling?

On campus, find us at:  125 Cutler Health Building— across from Gannett Hall.