Community Message – Racial & Social Justice

Community Message: Our Commitment to Racial & Social Justice

We are mental health providers whose mission is to ease pain, promote the health, engagement, and success of all members of our UMaine community and empower our students in their struggles. We affirm that our work includes locating the source of the injustice in the socio-political context rather than focusing simply on the individual or group. Click here to read more about our Commitment to Racial & Social Justice.

Healing & Wellness During COVID-19, Racial and Sociopolitical Upheaval People are reeling from societal upheaval and the unpredictability of life during a pandemic. With the continuous stream of news and social media, the ambiguity related to Covid -19 and the traumatic impact of violence and racially motivated encounters- it is easy to fall into a fear-based pattern of thinking and living. Check out our resource page for support.