Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Image output for the EM lab

Facility Information

The Electron Microscopy Laboratory offers the tools and technical expertise for research and training in microscopy with both light and electron microscopes. We maintain and operate electron microscopes (TEM and SEM with EDS), a confocal laser scanning microscope, and the ancillary equipment needed for the preparation of specimens for EM and other microscopy. Our multiple light microscopes encompass optics for bright-field, phase-contrast, differential-interference, and fluorescence imaging.

For detailed information and equipment in this facility please visit the Electron Microscopy Laboratory webpageEML Contact: Kelly Edwards, Laboratory Manager Phone: 207.581.2566 Email: edwards@maine.edu

Technical Services

  • Microscope operation—full operation of all electron and light microscopes.
  • Specimen preservation by chemical and microwave-enhanced fixation.
  • Specimen embedment in media suitable for TEM or light microscopy.
  • Critical-point-drying of specimens for SEM.
  • Metal coating of specimens by evaporative or sputter technology.
  • Consulting on techniques of microscopy.