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Media Coverage of CCAR and our Industry Partners

Salmon restoration project hits milestone

UMaine extension 4-H, UMaine aquaculture research staff win national award

Hooked on Aquaponics

Maine, New England Scientists team up to boost region’s sea urchin fishery

Inside New England’s innovative aquaculture incubator

Fishing’s Future? Shoreside research center sets the stage for aquaculture advance

Will Americans Embrace A Zeal For Eel? This Maine Entrepreneur Hopes So

A fish tale. AHI sells first yellowtail harvested from CCAR

Maine company pilots land-based recirc for yellowtail

Sea Vegetables

Aquaculture North America article on Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Sea & Reef Aquaculture, marine ornamentals

Coral Magazine article on Sea and Reef

Sea and Reef in Scientific American

March 2012 Aquaculture North America story on Sea and Reef Aquaculture

Nov 2010 Boston Globe Sea and Reef Aquaculture “Breeding Nemo”

Sea Urchins

April 2011 Ellsworth American Sea Urchin Aquaculture Story

Urchin project story in Aquaculture North America


Jul:August 2009 Aquaculture North America – Halibut story

Dec 2008 Ellsworth American CCAR UM Aquaculture Grants

Dec 2005 Hatchery International – Cold water systems in Maine

Oct 2005 Northern Aquaculture – Halibut making gains in Maine

Oct 2005 Bar Harbor Times – For the halibut

Cod Research

CCAR Graduate Student Explores Link Between Carbon Dioxide and Blindness in Cod