Venue FAQs

Union (Aerial)

Is there a rental charge for meeting space? 

The Conferences and Institutes administrative fee (CIAF) covers the cost of all conference space (including break-out rooms, luncheons, dinners, and special evening sessions) and conference coordination services. Some non-academic facilities (such as the Buchanan Alumni House) may have separate rental/usage fees. 

Are there any other charges such as custodial, housekeeping, etc.?

There may be additional custodial service charges for after-hours events or programs. Large groups often require fire and safety personnel coverage at an additional cost. There are fees for parking lot closures and event signage.

Are there any time limitations which would prevent early morning opening or late evening closings?

As a general rule, no. With adequate notification, custodial coverage can be arranged.

Are the venues air-conditioned?

Major lecture halls and auditoriums are air-conditioned. Classrooms in the Donald P. Corbett Business Building, (1st floor), Memorial Union and the Woolley Room are also air-conditioned. 

What are average campus walking distances?

Most venues are within easy walking distance of 5-10 minutes.

What presentation equipment is available in classrooms?

Most classrooms have white boards or chalkboards. Many have projectors and screens. If a room does not have a projector and/or screen, they can be rented through Conferences and Institutes.

Are chairs permanently fixed, or can they be rearranged?

The auditoriums and lecture halls have permanently fixed seating; most classrooms have movable seating.