Nancy Hall and Lorriann Mahan Receive Grant for Autism Project

Large VoiceThe grant is titled Social Skill Development in Children with Autism: A Collaborative Research and Community Service Project.

The funding comes from the University of Maine’s Women in Leadership and Philanthropy initiative. Working with the Green House Nursery School and their preschoolers with autism, the goals of the project are:

  • to provide social skills intervention;
  • to provide both graduate and undergraduate students clinical experience in designing, delivering and assessing a program of social skills development;
  • to provide both graduate and undergraduate students research experience in designing, implementing, analyzing and evaluating the outcomes of the social skills program;
  • to provide both graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to develop leadership skills – through mentoring less experienced students, interacting with families, providing an inservice for professionals, delivering a colloquium;
  • to provide a much-needed service to the community.

Nancy Hall is heading up the project and will serve as the primary research mentor. Lorriann Mahan will serve as the primary clinical mentor. Lynn Faerber (Director) and Karen Thibault (Head Classroom Teacher) at the Green House will be consultants and coordinate in-classroom and in-service activities.

There is funding for 4 undergraduate students (a small stipend), an honorarium for the Green House, thank you gifts for the kids in the project, and materials. It is a 1 year project.