UMaine Syllabus Policies

University of Maine Administrative Policy Statements

Academic Honesty:
Academic honesty is very important. It is dishonest to cheat on exams, to copy term papers, to submit papers written by another person, to fake experimental results, or to copy or reword parts of books or articles into your own papers without appropriately citing the source. Students committing or aiding in any of these violations may be given failing grades for an assignment or for an entire course, at the discretion of the instructor. In addition to any academic action taken by an instructor, these violations are also subject to action under the University of Maine Student Conduct Code. The maximum possible sanction under the student conduct code is dismissal from the University.

Students with Disabilities:
If you have a disability for which you may be requesting an accommodation, please contact Disabilities Services, 121 East Annex, 581-2319, as early as possible in the term.

Course Schedule Disclaimer (disruption clause):
In the event of an extended disruption of normal classroom activities, the format for this course may be modified to enable its completion within its programmed time frame. In that event, you will be provided an addendum to the syllabus that will supersede this version.

UMaine Student Code of Conduct:
All students are expected to conform to the UMaine Student Code of Conduct.

Classroom Civility:
Civility should be conveyed to all others through courteous expression, politeness, esteem and regard for others, and a general respect for others, regardless of differences from self.

Inclusive and Non-Sexist Language:
View the University of Maine’s non-sexist language policy here.

Sexual Violence Policy:

Sexual Discrimination Reporting
The University of Maine is committed to making campus a safe place for students. Because of this commitment, if you tell a teacher about an experience of sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, relationship abuse (dating violence and domestic violence), sexual misconduct or any form of gender discrimination involving members of the campus, your teacher is required to report this information to the campus Office of Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention or the Office of Equal Opportunity.

If you want to talk in confidence to someone about an experience of sexual discrimination, please contact these resources:

For confidential resources on campus: Counseling Center: 207-581-1392 or Cutler Health Center: at 207.581.4000.

For confidential resources off campus: Rape Response Services: 1.800.310.0000 or Spruce Run: 1.800.863.9909.

Other resources: The resources listed below can offer support but may have to report the incident to others who can help:

For support services on campus: Office of Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention: 207-581-1406, Office of Community Standards: 207.581.1409, University of Maine Police: 207.581.4040 or 911. Or see the OSAVP website for a complete list of services.


Copyright Notice for Materials Accessible through this Website
Most materials accessible through this site, such as linked articles, should be assumed to be copyright protected.
1.  Unless the “fair use” provisions of copyright law apply or language is contained in a work permitting its use, permission should be obtained from the copyright holder for copying the work.
2.  Use of the instructor prepared web pages and the slides affiliated with each lecture on the syllabus may be assumed to be controlled by the University of Maine System Broad Application Copyleft License (proposed, current, or future) or through a similar license that may be posted at the bottom of each web page.
3.  All class videos (lectures) should be assumed to be copyright protected in accordance with the University of Maine System Statement of Policy Governing Patents and Copyrights.

Contingency Plans in the Event of an Epidemic
In the event of an influenza or similar epidemic that precludes the ability to meet in face-to-face sessions, assume that the instructor will either (1) host the course on our usual ConnectPro url for the class at the normal time and everyone will participate at a distance or (2) record a video of the lecture I would have otherwise presented in person and post it for viewing by downloading from the syllabus and/or from a web streaming video site (example: recorded on ConnectPro or recorded and then posted on the Spatial Information Science and Engineering YouTube Channel). All other reading and module assignments should proceed as usual. If you yourself become sick, simply inform the instructor and the instructor will arrange appropriate extensions based on your particular circumstances.